My Story

My name is Mark Britton and this is my blog. shares reviews on the best software to manage and market your business, as well as my business experiences of developing marketing strategies that can underpin your tactics. 

With a 20-year career in digital marketing for smaller businesses, I have used every software tool and tactic going to build an online presence, drive lead generation, attract attention, build a brand and, as a marketing leader, run an effective marketing team. And I’ve often done on a shoestring budget.

This blog shares my experiences, failures and lessons learnt. I’ll be sharing opinions on established and new marketing tools that can support you as an entrepreneur, small business owner or budding marketing professional.

A little bit about some of my achievements:

  • As part of the senior leadership team, I doubled the size of the IT consulting and recruitment business I worked for, leading to a £15M acquisition.
  • Twice started a marketing department from scratch in a small business, quickly building an effective marketing team.
  • Attracted over £40,000 in marketing funding from Microsoft to drive marketing campaigns for my employer, leading to an £800,000 return on investment.
  • Got my last employer’s website ranked at the top of Google, generating over £10m in new business enquiries.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you find it of value in supporting your career, your ambitions and your dreams.